Camping In Southern California

People experience stress after working hard for a while. Camping in Southern California is one of the available ways to reduce stress. Camping involves staying away from home, usually overnight, in tents, shelters, or campgrounds to engage in recreational activities for the overall benefit of relaxation.

Since you only go camping during holidays, you are at peace with yourself and the environment. You exercise more, forge better and long-lasting relationships, and the camp’s serenity improves your memory as you tend to sleep well during this period.

Launch Pointe has the best campgrounds in Southern California. Even amidst the pandemic, we are on the ground to make you experience unforgettable camping while adhering to local and state Covid-19 guidelines. We are not only interested in making your camping experience at our campgrounds perfect and fun-filled, but we also care about your health needs. We have canceled group activities on our social campgrounds until social distancing protocols are revised.  


  • You Book Ahead

Besides the social distance guidelines we adhere to, you need to book ahead to reserve spots for you and your guests. We believe that you must book ahead of the day you wish to arrive at our campground for us to provide a perfect ambiance for you and your loved ones to relax and unwind.

  • Adhere to Our Parking Guidelines

On your arrival at Launch Pointe, you will discover parking is restricted to the space allocated to you. There cannot be more than two vehicles parked on a site. Campers are not allowed to obstruct any road in the park. Visitor parking is not permitted.

  • Things You Are Allowed to Come With to Our Campground

Your camping experience in our RV campgrounds allows you to come to camp with your possessions to make further your camping comfortable and enjoyable. These are not limited to food, water, plates, propane firepit or stove, soap, sponges, lighter, toothbrush, camera, medications, and so on.

  • Our Recreational Vehicle Camping

We have designed the best RV campgrounds in California for your ultimate camping experience. We also possess the best Southern California RV camping sites. Our RV camping begins in Beachfront RV parks in CA, where we have created quiet places where you can use the amenities provided just for you.

The RV spaces come with 50-amp & 30-amp sockets, and there is also water and sewer with a privacy fence. Aquaplane is for guests coming in with children. The Base Camp is designed for eight friends, the smallest part in the park.

  • Relish the Experience Inside Our Vintage Trailers

Our vintage trailers are located in a beautiful remote fireplace where they can get to meet other campers. The interior furnishings are a beautiful sight to behold, which gives you many options to choose from. They come with patio furniture in the special deck prepared for you.

  • You May Choose to Stay In One of Our Yurts

There are different types of yurts for various purposes. We have The Lodge, which is for family and friends. The BoraBora is for two persons to relax. If you like to feel the Zen experience, then choose The Boho. If you’d love to have a better view of the lake, choose The Beach yurt. The Rock & Roll yurt grants you a musical experience. The Elsinore yurt is for large gatherings.

  • We Provide Ideal Amenities

You can always trust Launch Pointe to provide you with a beach, Wi-Fi, restrooms and showers, Biba-equipped playgrounds, beautiful swimming pools, 4500-gallon splash pad, 50 Amp electrical.

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Camping In Southern California

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